the captured self

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s exhibition called Recorders at the Museum of Contemporary Art is highly interactive. Rafael wants people to interact with this solo exhibition, thereby contributing and reinventing themselves in the public space. He uses crowdsourcing to collect content from visitors using technologies.

After interacting with the exhibition last week I was struck by how ready we are to be captured electronically. The experience was so engaging, it was at times hard to leave the creative spaces. It made me consider how immersive environments encourage us to explore and accept new ways of being by challenging precepts.

Do these ideas also underpin our capacity as arts educators to embrace shifting pedagogies? 

I read this morning that the Syrians are dancing and singing in response to major societal shifts.

How do we inspire that innate response to change that has caused the Syrians to dance as described in the following article?

One commentator calls it joy.

Have a joyful holiday season!



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  1. The exhibition was amazing! Not so sure I was ready to be captured in so many electronic formats, but those thoughts quickly disappeared as I become immersed in the electronic modes of recording, translation and distortion. Yes… joyous indeed!

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