shifting practice

electricity pole in Vietnam

I’m finding all sorts of changes are occurring in many spheres – most of all those which affect our everyday environments. The articles below address some of those shifts in classroom teaching and learning.

We are particularly aware of such issues in the Arts as our spaces get colonised by computers or, an example from the other day, our darkrooms get turned into Science labs.

We may actually get a dedicated computer room which we can slowly manage as a creative space by adding special printers and ensuring the computers have grunt to manage the tech specs we need for high-end graphic and audio content!

We often remove desks and chairs to free up spaces so they are more flexible for lessons in the Arts.

There are no easy solutions to the issue of space – physical space so classes can be held comfortably and meet the outcomes of lessons based in creating artworks that incorporate different media – and creative space where it doesn’t matter what the medium but we have space to imagine.  

Is this how you imagine learning should take place?

Is the Unconference the answer? Why or why not?

We encourage students to write critically. How are computers affecting these activities?


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