creative space in an urban setting


We want to commune with nature, feel the grass under our feet and breathe the fresh air.

Are we trying to be somewhere else or do we appreciate where we are and address our local issues head on?

So what does this mean for arts educators and their communities?

Earlier this year Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton spoke of developing an arts precinct in Walsh Bay Sydney.

They spoke of how artists need space to be creative, more than just physical space.

Andrew used water metaphors, talking about the importance of creative flow; how evaporation, stagnation and containment can stop the flow and therefore badly affect the creative cultural life of the city.

They stressed the significance of fostering innovative ways of doing things to add to an exciting cultural life.

How can these ideas be translated into other settings?

How do we provide creative space in educational settings?



  1. Hi Margaret! Nice blog…
    I agree – creative space in particular is so often neglected. Project priorities are influenced by timelines devoid of space for germination of fresh ideas and dialogue around those ideas. Rach

  2. Hi Margaret you have inspired some discussion of creating Creative Spaces around our rather bland work environment – thank you!! We have discussed pop up performance art in staff meetings, temporary and permanent installations and simply beautifying , creatively – artistically our work spaces. Thank You!!

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